Tips For Measuring


Blouse & Top 
First of all, measure your shoulder, bust and waist with soft tap measure. Now, you know exactly the size of your body figure.  However, please DO NOT compare the measurement with the size chart directly because the top is designed with extra fabric for body movement. You know, they are not tight tops.  
So, you are suggested to select a similar top from your wardrobe, make comparison of the sizes to make sure "shoulder", "bust" and "waist" are fit for you.  


Dress & Trousers 
Most of our products are come from Korea. As the size of Korean is tall in usual, their female height is mostly above 165cm to 172cm (model).  In addition, their figure is thin. If you choose dress and trousers with longer length, you can bring the purchased item to sewing shop. Sewing tailors can help you custom the length. 

Apart from length, the measurement of hip need you to pay attention specifically. Same as top's measurement, make use of a similar trousers and dress to keep record of hip measurement. If the measurement is correct (Suit dress and trousers usually have additional fabric for altering) , you can buy the right choice. 





裙 和 褲 
這裡大部分服裝從韓國入口,由於韓國人身形一般比較高大,女性多數高於165cm至 172cm (模特兒)。再加上她們身形纖瘦,如果選中的裙或褲長度超過自己理想,建議你可以在選購之後,交給縫紉改衫師父為你修改長度。。 

除了長度,你還需要注意下圍。跟度衫身一樣,記得要量度定一條類似的褲或裙,記低下圍實際可穿尺碼,能修改的西裙和西褲,通常會有預留布位, 那麼你便可以購買到喜愛欵式!